Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Diane's Dog

As dog owners, Paul and I know some incredible people.
One of these people is Diane, a veterinary nurse.

When we adopted Missy, she helped us discover the real Missy - not the fearful, snappy girl who hated the vets - but the Missy that loves a fuss from everyone, who will give a paw or a kiss or speak for her treat and fuss.
The Missy who can stand on the vet's table and not react.
The Missy who was a great patient when she recently had a cancerous lump removed.

Diane encouraged us to come up to the vet practice a few times a week, where she and the other staff played and fussed our Missy until she was no longer scared of the vet practice.

So when Diane lost her beloved Maisie recently, it was a great honour to do something special for her - and capture her darling girl in watercolour.

Here's the drawing

and here the background

the next few days will see the painting progress to its finish.


  1. I think it is wonderful that they took the time to let Missy get to know them!

    I look forward to this painting :)

  2. They are pretty wonderful, Tonya - and they helped our Missy blossom xx


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