Sunday, 31 October 2010

Missy's Road to Art

I think I will travel on the Orbital today

it leads to the Art Studio

and here it is!
Here's what I've been working on
though sometimes I stare at the birds in the tree

You didn't believe me? But I'm not in my bed!

Ok, I confess, mummy's chair was so comfy!


  1. Che posto fantastico per dipingere!
    Missy può giocare in quel giardino!

    Ciao Buona giornata!


  2. Thanks, Francesco - we only built it this summer - before that I used the dining table, like you :)
    Missy does play with her football and then comes in for a nap!
    Have a blessed Sunday, hope you get to paint :)
    Ciao xx

  3. Sensible Missy, a dual purpose studio. So pleased you are enjoying your studio Pat.

  4. Thanks, Beryl - we are both enjoying it to the max!

  5. Oh... Congratulations on having your new studio (last summer is still new!)! I remember when I finally moved into my own study in which to write - what an amazing feeling!
    Missy is adorable on that chair! Have a lovely Sunday!

  6. Thanks, Ann - you're right, it is still new, of course, only going up in July 2010!
    It is a lovely place to have, thank you.
    Hope you have a blessed Sunday, too xx

  7. Quite right to missy, that's just were I would be, nice studio you got there.
    See Yea George xxx

  8. Why thank you, George. All I need now is food and water on tap and I'm away!
    Missy xx

  9. How wonderful to have a beautiful studio like that in the garden! Missy is one lucky girl. My Corey would love her, he loves girls!xx

  10. Thanks, June :)
    We are both very lucky girls, I think :) xx

  11. What fun you ladies must have together! I think that some days I might curl up with Missy on the recliner and take a nap.

  12. Some days we do just that, Tonya! xx

  13. I love Missy's little trips around your house. I'm a bit envious of that wonderful studio of yours:)

  14. Glad you love the trips, Gretchen. :)
    It is beautiful, my studio.. we're hoping to finish the path before the winter sets in.

  15. I love your summer house Pat. Looks like a wonderful place to paint in peace!!

  16. It is Deb - wonderful, peaceful, all those things. Sometimes I paint, sometimes read, sometimes snooze! Always aware of how fortunate I am :) xx

  17. How FUN! I am so envious of your studio it's gorgeous!! I would be looking at those birds lots too! :)

  18. Thanks, Crystal - it is gorgeous :)
    As are the birds! xx

  19. What a perfect space for you to do your art work! I have a similar area in which I do much of my own, but it is so sheltered by the trees that it doesn't have enough light. My husband is going to put some velux windows in the roof to help the issue. Now, if only I could swap charlies drum-kit for that nice comfy armchair.... Sigh....

  20. Fingers crossed the velux windows will do the trick! I might be tempted to sabotage the drum kit.. teeheehee


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