Friday, 15 October 2010

Diane's Dog III

In this stage, I have painted the nose - and then the darker pattern on the face.

Maisie has two colours to her coat, a yellow/tan and a grey .
So to paint these, I made sure to have the two necessary mixes made and ready. The yellow mix was quite wet and the grey stickier.
This is because the yellow gets laid in first, then the grey is added whilst the wash is still wet. Because it is stickier than the yellow, there will not be cauliflower run backs. I'm sure most of us have seen those. They are not welcome in my dog paintings!


  1. The dog is coming on beautifully! Is it a Lurcher? I did a pastel of a Lurcher a whaile back - So many colours in their coats! I am looking forward to seeing the finished painting :0)

  2. She was a lurcher - a greyhound mix. Will have to ask Diane when I give her the painting, what the other part was.
    Doing a multi coat in watercolour is quite a challenge - one I wasn't too sure if I could do ! xx

  3. She does have that feel, Tonya - yet she's bigger than my Missy! xx

  4. Your work is so beautiful Pat and it's fascinating to watch it come to life. Hugs xx

  5. Looking good, Pat! I love to see your progress and the end result is always amazing!

  6. Thanks, Sheryl - glad you enjoy it xx

  7. Hi, just read ur comments on here and it brought a tear to my eye, thanks again for my amazing picture. Di xxxxx

  8. you are so welcome, Di.
    You did so much for my Missy, it was a honour to do something for you xx


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