Thursday, 28 October 2010

Simple things

The simplicity of a loaf of bread, two slices cut from it - just called out to be painted.
Yet again, I am trying this in the new brushstroke style.
Here's the drawing

Bread was such a staple when I was younger - I always loved to eat the crusts - or the heel, as the Irish side of my family would call it.
Nowadays we are a little more health conscious and the white crusty loaf is a thing consigned to memory.
Still makes  a lovely subject, though :)


  1. The drawing promises very well! I am looking forward to see the finished painting! Ciao, Pat!

  2. Your work is beautiful Pat. Whether it's a starfish, a flower or a crusty loaf! Love it, you are so talented.
    Where do you holiday near me?
    Hugs June xx

  3. Thanks, Cristina - hope you enjoy seeing it develop. Ciao xx

  4. Thank you, June. xx
    Near you, we've been to Felixstowe and a bit further round in California and Great Yarmouth :) All beautiful xx

  5. I am interested to see how the painting developes too :0)

  6. Thanks Sandra. xx
    Because I'm still using the new technique, it won't be long - it will be finished day after tomorrow :) xx

  7. We don't eat bread either, but making a fresh loaf in the name of art is very permissable!!

  8. Making, Tonya? .. not a chance! :lol:


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