Friday, 22 October 2010

Painting Monty 4

Started painting the head, beginning with the tan section on top.
I've also painted a little on the lower body - but not much and I've faded it too - that's because I want the face and eyes to be the centre of attraction.

Here is the first wash, a light wash as an under colour

and here is the second coat of a stickier mix, to really show off the tan of a boxer.

Next for me to paint is the black and grey of the muzzle - and around the eyes.  And a few shadows and colour around the ears
So, if you come back tomorrow, you'll see the finished picture.


  1. Is the secret to successive layers, to use a thicker mixture with each new layer? Does the new layer dissolve the layer underneath? Or does each layer remain true to it's color?
    I'm gearing up for another attempt this weekend...

  2. Layers depend on what you want to do, Katherine. If you have several layers the same colour and consistency, you are building glazes to an end result, which allows for fine nuances, such as painting crystal.
    For Monty, both of my washes were the same consistency, but one had more water to paint (the first layer).

    Does each one dissolve? No, not if you paint with a light touch. If you press too firmly as you paint, you risk lifting the layer below.

    Good luck with your new attempt! xx

  3. He is so cute! Can't wait to see the finished piece!

  4. He makes me smile, he's so loveable!


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