Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Painting in Two Parts

After I had painted the Sargent "Man with Red Drapery" I was keen to try the brush stroke technique again; so decided to paint something relatively simple  - so that the strokes and paint were the most important thing.
I chose a starfish on the sand.

the drawing

the first few strokes of paint
The final painting will be shown tomorrow - that's because once I start the starfish, all the strokes are put in as needed - and I'm too engrossed in seeing what's needed  -to photograph stages at this point in my learning.


  1. That's interesting Pat. Looking forward to see the outcome tomorrow.

  2. Thanks, Beryl - I hope you like it :) xx

  3. And the fact that you are just very kind to your impatient friend. xx

  4. thanks, Tonya.. I hope you like it too :)

  5. Loving the background- cool strokes!

  6. They're fascinating, aren't they, Sheryl?
    I've got a birthday coming up and I've asked Paul to buy a watercolour book for me, on painting like watercolour masters. I'm really excited about it :) xx

  7. Ciao,
    Sorry, I'm not able to write correctly in English, but I hope you understand me when I tell you (that) your drawings are very nice and I like very much.
    When I was young (about 15), my aunt had a joyful dog like your Monty (its name was... Dog), with which I spent all my time every day. We, me and Dog, were two good friends!
    Ciao! Francesco

  8. Hello Francesco and welcome to my blog.

    Please don't apologise for your English, it is very good. If you would feel more comfortable, write in Italian and I will use google translate.

    Dogs can make the best of friends! I am glad I brought back some happy memories of "Dog" for you .
    Ciao xx


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