Saturday, 9 October 2010

Pond Life

More plants were painted, this time in the foreground, a darker mix of greens. Then some rusty red spiky grasses in the very front.
The upright sagitta leaves had a couple more washes to define them more - and then I painted their shadows onto the statue,

All this adds up to my finished painting -

Pond Life

Pond Life will be added to my permanent gallery site
Feel free to pop over and have a browse!


  1. This is a very oos piece of artistic work, the nature is one of the things that you can experiment with a lot and provides a wide area to paint and bring your imaginations to reality. I think that it would be of a very good thing to have some inspirations drawn from it.

  2. Hi Pat, it's nice, very unique and very original, good!
    I really like the first floor.

    Francesco :-)

  3. Thanks, S-A and thank you, Francesco :)

    Glad you like it xx

  4. Pat, it looks very beautiful to me, I like the statue, is fantastic! Ciao!

  5. thanks, Heather. xx

    Grazie, Tito. Ciao xx

  6. I sure wish I knew how to duplicate something like this into fabric art. I like him peeking out through the greenery. I need to try something dimensional like this.

    Once leave me pondering...

  7. I'm sure you'll fathom it out Tonya - even if you make a multi layer quilt. You could follow the steps that I took to paint. Sky first, background shrub next, and so on :)
    Look forward to seeing what you work out xx

  8. What a fun painting Pat. I can see how much you enjoy it, just by looking at your work :0)


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