Thursday, 14 October 2010

Diane's Dog II

Those who follow my painting style, will know that when I paint dogs, the eyes are the first part I paint.

So here they are, on darling Maisie:

Already she begins to feel alive to me.. so work progresses...


  1. Ciao Pat,ecco un altro magnifico esemplare di "miglior amico dell'uomo".
    Non vedo l'ora di vederlo finito!

    a presto!

  2. What a lovely blog you have and a sweet sweet doggie! We just lost our dear Harry dog last July 16th (you can see a picture of him under "personal" in my blog). He was well, the joy of our house and we miss him so much. Your paintings are fabulous...they just seem to touch my soul. I am most happy to become your 153 follower and I look forward to seeing your creations as they unfold.

  3. Thanks, Francesco - she was a lovely example of man's best friend, and touched the heart of all who met her. :)
    Ciao xx

  4. Hello Ann, and welcome to my blog!
    *hugs* to you, I know the pain of losing one so loved - for Missy is our second dog.
    I'm honoured to read that my paintings touch your soul - such a compliment, I am thrilled.
    Will be off to look at Harry, shortly xx

  5. Thanks, Gretchen. Will be done by the weekend! xx

  6. Great start Pat. Love those eyes.


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