Friday, 8 October 2010

painting the plants

In this stage, lots seems to be happening, as I paint the plants in.

The plant behind is painted in a pale grey-green to make it appear further away in the distance.
The one to the side of the statue is a green-grey mix (more green than grey) .
This is because I want it to appear closer than the farthest plant, but not too close. That honour is reserved for the foreground plants and the tall leaves. So they must be more noticeable than the others.

I have also defined the features on the statue some more, with further layers of grey.


  1. Pat, you are so patient! Wish you could teach me to do the same somehow.

  2. thanks, Teresa xx

    Dora, its only watercolour has taught me patience.. when I first started I charged in like a bull in a china shop and ruined many pictures.
    Now, I take my time and think - but once I start painting, I do it fast. I do stop to photograph the stages though :)

  3. Look at his cute little nose peeking out!! are my inspiration to be more patient in my work. I am slowing down and trying oh so hard to learn and create...not just make!

  4. Aww thanks, Tonya - what a lovely thing to say. Wish you every success with your creations xx


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