Monday, 11 October 2010

Pouring FOG

Here I go with another painting using the pouring technique..  this time I am being very daring and not having a drawing on the paper at all.

I want to see what I "feel" this painting should be.

So here is the first photo, just some masking fluid, poured onto dry paper - and combed downwards - with a hair comb, yes!

and the second, after the paint is poured.
I stared at the paper, this way and that, trying to decide what to paint as a subject. 

I decided that the paper should be sited this way up - and that the left hand side reminded me of wheat or barley blowing in the wind..

I wonder if you can see that?
I wonder what you would have made of this background?

Tomorrow you will find out what I did - because I took this background to art club, and finished the whole painting within the two hour class!


  1. I can't wait to see the finished result Pat! I love the colours, they are my favourite :0)

  2. I'm looking forward to it! Pretty colors!

  3. Sono curioso di scoprire la sorpresa! Chissà che meraviglia!


  4. Hmmmm....I'm thinking you could've also taken the middle image and turned it vertically the opposite of what it is and painted a fall scene with a river and lots of trees. I can't wait to see what you came up with either!!

  5. Thanks Sandra, hope you like the finished result! xx

    Thanks, Katherine - they aren't my normal palette, but I do like to experiment! xx

    Grazie, Francesco , spero si pensa che è meraviglioso quando lo vedi! Ciao xx

    Gretchen, yes - I suppose I could have done! I did think maybe a willow the way the middle one is, but the horizontal impression of barley was the strongest! So there is grain in there, somewhere!

  6. I love the colors too! Can't wait to see it finished!

  7. Pat- You are so brave, no drawing! I am looking forward to the painting!

  8. Thanks, Debi and Sheryl. xx
    Not long to wait now :)

  9. Hello, Pat, I came too see and, yes, this is something I think you should do to use more of your right brain to paint ( I have to do the opposite, I tend to forget techniques and make a mess, spoiling everything. From five or six watercolors I make I save one...just one more thing: I wouldn't use masking fluid. Just leave some points dry and the watercolor wont go there. I like very much the way you use the brush, very soft, it is not easy. loved the colors selection also. Now I'll try to find the final work.Bye!


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