Sunday, 24 October 2010

Follow your nose

The things which give me joy; husband, dog, work, painting, friends and walking in pleasant surroundings.
Today's post shows two of those, our darling Missy and our pleasant walks. Come with us as we follow our noses :)

You want to go walkies?

down the quiet alley on the way to the fields

Tail is curled, I'm hunting!

Beautiful tree colours

mustn't touch red berries..

or orange ones!

On the way back, checking wee-mails!
and here we are, home again!

I hope you've enjoyed ambling along on one of our pleasant walks - and I hope you'll return tomorrow to see some more painting :)


  1. Nice to see Missy for a walk, it seems to really like it!
    Your very beautiful area with gorgeous colors!
    Pat, Good Sunday!


  2. Thanks, Francesco, it is a lovely area.
    I hope you have a wonderful Sunday,
    Ciao xx

  3. It was lovely taking a walk with you and your very sweet Missy. Thank yuou.
    June xx

  4. Glad you enjoyed it, June xx

  5. Loved the walk with you Pat. and your adorable Missy.
    What a lovely place your live in. and such nice surroundings.

  6. Thanks Dors, I think its the nicest place we've ever lived in :) xx

  7. That was a real treat Pat. I loved seeing your walk step by step and all the beautiful colors along the way. Of course, I can look at Missy pictures all day long. :O) Thanks for sharing.

  8. Nice walk- you have beautiful colors now, too! I had that on Long Island, but here in California the leaves mostly just fall off without bothering to change into the pretty fall colors!

  9. Thanks, Marie, so glad you enjoyed the photos of our darling girl xx

  10. Thanks, Sheryl. xx
    I love seeing the colours, they're so pretty. Where we lived before we had nothing similar.

  11. I have a dog like this... his name is theo..
    they are so lovely, so so so so all

  12. Thanks - and best wishes to Theo xx

  13. Oh, what a cute doggy! It looks like you had such a lovely lime :)

  14. She's as cute as can be, Maria :)
    I'm so glad we adopted her from the shelter xx

  15. Is that your house in the last image, Pat? If so, I absolutely love it! It's very quaint.

  16. It is indeed my house! It is very quaint - it even has the beams on the inside too :)xx

  17. Cute Pup! You must have a lot of fun painting him(or her). Nice house too - my wife would love it!!

  18. Thanks, Jeremy - she is cute, for sure, Not so much of a pup now, love her - she's nearly 13 years old! I've painted her a few times and thoroughly enjoyed each one :)


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