Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Painting Monty

Today I start another stage by stage painting of a very special dog, Monty.

Monty had to undergo surgery for a cluster of cysts on his head - and once it was all done and the fur grown back, it was my pleasure to paint this for his loving owners.

Here's the drawing

and here it is once the background has been added.


  1. it's a lovely drawing to start with - i love monty's jowls! looking forward to seeing him develop :))

  2. Thanks Jeanette! xx
    It was a lovely angle with the photo, one I couldn't resist!

  3. Pat.....you can already see what a character this guy is. Looking forward to the finished product.

  4. He's a great character, Gretchen!
    I hope you enjoy the journey xx

  5. He's darling!! You are capturing his essence so beautifully! So so happy to hear that he recovered from surgery so well! Looking forward to the finished painting.

  6. Thanks Ann.
    He has such an expressive face, he almost made it easy for me to capture! xx

  7. This is going to be adorable! What a cute face he has!

  8. LOL, as the others said, his face is full of expression already. I can't wait to see his eyes!

  9. Really looking forward to seeing the step by step guide for this and thanks once again Pat for painting him - you've captured his charm and character beautifully!

  10. Thanks, Esme!
    Glad you think I've captured his charm and character! xx


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