Thursday, 29 May 2014

Today, the Shed.....

My latest painting has the title, "Today, the Shed"

It does sound quite a strange title, especially once you see the image.
So, here's the explanation...

On Twitter, I follow quite a few authors. One of my favourites, Joanne Harris, tweets about her writing Shed. It is a structural chameleon, changing its appearance daily, in response to Joanne's fertile imagination.

I love reading her Shed tweets, because Joanne has such a magical way with words, that instantly the picture forms in my mind. I had always promised myself, that one day, when the easel was empty and I was ready to paint, that I would try to capture one of the Shed's incarnations.
Recently, I said as much to Joanne and she kindly replied 'Be my guest.'

I checked a few of the Shed tweets - and this one spoke to me, the loudest.

Today, the Shed is a rice-paper lantern drifting across the morning sky. On it, in impeccable calligraphy, the symbols for “courage” and “tea”.

Here then, is the painting, Today, the Shed  as I saw it, in my imagination.

The calligraphy may not be impeccable, because I am not Chinese, but the symbols do indeed portray Courage and Tea.

Today, the Shed

.....and for those of  you who have been so kind as to stay following me throughout my husband's illness, I can tell you that he is progressing remarkably well - and the doctor thinks he may be back to his old self within the next four months. Thank you for all your concern, you have helped uplift me through a troublesome time. You all know why the words Courage and Tea spoke the loudest to me.
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