Wednesday, 6 May 2015

A Dream Comes True

Hello friends!
I know it's been a while since I blogged - and after this post it will be a while again yet, because life is a little topsy turvy here.
However, I wanted to write and tell you a heart warming story.

Due to the power of kindness, Lottie's dream has come true.
Not only have we raised enough funds for a scooter so she can walk her dogs again ( see HERE )
we have also raised enough money to buy her a lightweight wheelchair, so that - at the age of 27 - she can dance again! (see HERE)

I am so grateful to all who cheered on the fundraising efforts, so grateful to all those who commissioned a painting, so the money could go to fulfilling a young lady's dream; so grateful to all who bought one of my books, so that I could give the royalties to Lottie.
So grateful for my friends at Sparkling Jewellery HERE, who posted all the paintings gratis, so that every penny raised could go to Lottie.
So very grateful for my artist friend, Kim Lintern HERE who read Lottie's story and offered art for sale to help.
You are wonderful human beings, all. I'm proud to know you. 
Because of all of you and the kindness you've shown, Lottie will dance again - she's even entering into a Wheelchair Dance competition. You have given her that part of her life back.

Thank you so much.

For the painting lovers, these are the ones that were painted to benefit Lottie's fund.

Rock Star

Maybe 1

Maybe 2

There are three more paintings which I can't show you yet, because one hasn't reached the new owner - and two more I am waiting on photos, before I start painting. As soon as I can, I will share those too. 

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