Monday, 20 October 2014

Star Bright

I've been painting with Derwent's Graphik Line Painters again.

This time, I picked a starfish and came up with this:-

Star Bright

Bockingford not 140 lb
15" x 11"

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

October, the Big Draw and Happily Ever After

In October, the Big Draw events happen.
If you're in the UK, you can see the list of free events HERE

I always try to do at least one drawing in October.
It helps keep my eye in - and truthfully, you get absorbed in drawing to the point it's almost meditative.

This year, I wanted to do a portrait - and the very lovely Miranda Dickinson,author and singer ( website HERE ) said that I could use her photo as a reference.
So I drew this portrait of Miranda's mum and daughter, hoping that I could capture the feeling of love and ease, between the two generations.
For those of you who know Miranda, you will also find the title of her latest release in the pile of books...

Happily Ever After

For the curious amongst you, this was done on Winsor & Newton paper, Medium Cartridge 70lbs, using a Derwent Graphic Designer pencil, Grade F.

As always, this can be found, along with all my other paintings and drawings, on my gallery site Pat Elliott Paintings - HERE

Thursday, 9 October 2014

A sunshine break, some inspiration and The Ragged Moth

A little while ago, we all went on a weekend break to a place called Tolleshunt D'Arcy.
Nearby is a Nature Reserve, where we walked, sat, enjoyed the views and the sunshine. You can see a few pics on my other blog HERE

I used one of the photos as inspiration for a painting.
You can see that I left some things out and added others.
We artists have a thing called 'artistic licence' which means to me, I can choose to add or subtract anything to my painting!

So here is what I did. The actual photo is on the other blog.

The Ragged Moth

Painted on St Cuthbert's Mill paper - Bockingford Not 140lb
Used Winsor & Newton AQ paints
Size: 15 x 11 inches

Monday, 6 October 2014

A time for experimenting, with paper, paint and pears.

I've had some fun, experimenting with paper, paint and pears.

The paper was my sample pack from the very lovely St Cuthbert's Mill.
I usually use their Saunders Waterford Rough paper for my watercolours, but these are all versions of their delightful Somerset Range.

The paint used was delivered by the amazing Derwent Graphik Line Painters.
One of the following pears was painted in traditional watercolour. I'm sure you'll be able to tell which it was.

The pears were from photos kindly provided by Kay Smith. You can see her blog HERE

Why post experimentation? Why not just the worked up paintings?
I believe it's because in experimentation we grow as artists - and for people who follow and view my blog, perhaps you'd like to see that there is a period of simply playing with paint, followed by growth. It might encourage you to try that yourself and not to be shy about it.

So here, you see me experiment and play. I hope you do the same too!

and if you'd like to see them all together, here they are:-

You can see which version of Somerset paper I used in the larger pics.
I hope you have enjoyed looking at these - and I hope you're inspired to go experiment too!

Friday, 3 October 2014

The Big Draw happens in October ~and here's my Dreamtime!

October in the UK sees the festival called 'The Big Draw' happening.
All over the country, events are put on to encourage people to draw.
Many are free.
If you're in the UK, you can access the information HERE - THE BIG DRAW

I'm going to try to go to at least one!

I love drawing, it's such a relaxing activity, it takes you to another time and place.

In this piece, I have combined my love of drawing with my love of painting - using background washes for the sky and drawing the figure with a technical pen.


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