Monday, 25 April 2016

Painting with Charles Evans, via Watercolours in a Weekend

Recently I bought a book by Charles Evans, called Watercolours in a Weekend.
Although used, it was in good condition - and I had no other books by Charles, so I decided to purchase it. Aimed at beginners, to encourage them to pick up a brush, I nevertheless bought it and decided to paint the projects.
My reasoning was, it never hurts to go back to basics, does it?

So, here's the book..

There are nine projects in total, within the book.

In between days out, working around the house, garden and visiting my soon to be workplace, I have painted three projects so far.

Walking with Charles

Painting with Charles

Charlie's Beach

The book so far - is it suitable for beginners? Oh, absolutely! It's written in such a style that it feels quite possible to pick up a brush and paint a picture. For Saturdays, you have painting exercises to do - and on Sunday, using the techniques you've learned, you paint a complete picture. I have only shown you my completed pictures.
For someone like me, who has painted for a while, was it worth picking up?
Absolutely, again! It reintroduced me to a way of working that I haven't used for a while - and in doing so refreshed my ability. It made painting someone else's picture fun. That's quite a knack Mr Evans has - he makes painting fun.
At any stage of painting ability - isn't that what picking up a brush is about?

I have some paintings of my own in the pipeline now, but I will undoubtedly come back and tackle the remaining six projects in the book.
As ever, I used Saunders Waterford paper, and Winsor & Newton Artist Quality Paints.

Have fun with your painting, too!

Monday, 4 April 2016

Snow Day, a painting of glass and figures.

I love Snow Globes. Shake them all and all the "snow" falls softly around the figurines encased in glass.
At Christmas time I have a few that are specific to the season, which come out solely at that time. This year I took some photographs and decided to paint one.

The one I selected is represented here in "Snow Day"
So called because the little girl isn't at school, but being read to, by her friend, the Snowman.

Snow Day

Painted on Saunders Waterford paper, 140lb Rough. 
I hope you enjoy seeing it.
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