Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Picking up a brush again - at It's All About Art

Since we lost our darling Missy, I hadn't picked a brush up at all.
There was no joy in painting for me, as my heart grieved for my faithful companion.

A good friend, Sara, had asked if I'd like to go to the It's All About Art show. I was hoping it would give me some inspiration.

We perused the shopping experience, stood and watched some demos - and then found ourselves at the Derwent trade stand.
They had these new products, called Line Painters. We watched as the man showed a few techniques, had a wee scribble with some - and promptly fell in love with them.
The man pointed out the artist next to him, who was demonstrating in a mini workshop, just how these Line Painters worked.

That artist was Sharon Hurst. She kindly agreed to us playing with the LPs, while she was at lunch. While she was away, I painted this feather, using her drawing as inspiration:

I called it 'The Lightening Feather', because it lightened the grief and let me enjoy painting again.

When Sharon returned from lunch, she started demonstrating again  - and most voted to be shown the feather, though I asked for the drawing of the lady.

I got this far, while the demo was playing out

I thanked Sharon for her skill at teaching and for making it enjoyable for me to paint again. She was most kind and gracious, giving me a blessing.

I purchased the LPs - and a couple of days later, picked them up to finish
'The Painted Lady'

If you would like to see some of Sharon's work, or find out about her painting holidays, please go HERE

And if you'd like to meet our new companion - go take a look HERE

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