Sunday, 29 January 2017

Edinburgh: Gargoyles, art and literature

Whilst hubby was repairing his car, I took myself off for a day trip to Edinburgh.
Now, I could show you all the usual tourist-y photos - or I can show you what captured my heart.

Come instead, down Princes Street to the Scott memorial - and so worth the vertigo for this gorgeous sculpture

and the overview to this, is captured here:

Then wander down Rose Street with me, to see some amazing metalwork and window art on the outside of a BT building -

Every day of the week, illustrated. In case you can't quite make out the poem - here it is:

also in Rose Street was one of my favourite Rabbie Burns' poems, captured on the side of a building.

In case you can't quite read the text, the poem is HERE

Also popped in to the Scottish National Gallery - where to my delight there was a large exhibition of Turner watercolours. The bequest stipulated they could only be shown in a darkened room - and only in the month of January, to save them from fading. Fortuitously, I was in time.
There were two photos I took in the main rooms, an amazing marble bust, with such detail on the veins!

and a sumptuous El Greco - love the light in this.

and lastly, Waverley Station, for the journey home to Fife... a book lover's delight:

I do have some tourist type photos, and a pic of a darling little boathouse. Sometime in the near future, I have no doubt they'll be paintings.  Keep your eyes peeled.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Taking Flight

Today's painting is one of a Spitfire, taking flight in a blue sky.
A little different from my favourite subjects, but sometimes you have to stretch your comfort zone a bit - so this is me doing just that! 
I hope you like the painting.

Taking Flight

As always, painted on the beautiful paper that is Saunders Waterford, created by St Cuthbert's Mill.
The Original is not available, but prints can be obtained from Elite Framing, Cupar. HERE

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Enzo by the Lake

Here's a painting I've done of Sean's Westie, Enzo.

Sean is the coffee shop owner, Enzo is his Westie and the shop mascot. He's such a lovely wee boy!

The painting isn't hanging in the shop - it's gone home with Sean!

Enzo by the Lake

Painted on St Cuthbert's Mill Saunders Waterford Paper and framed by Elite Framing, Cupar.
If I get a pic of it hanging in situ, I'll share it later on .

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

A bright new year and The Colours of Paisley

Wishing all of my blog followers a bright new year.

I have a few paintings I couldn't show before Christmas, so I'm starting the New Year off with those.
The first is a painting of the most beautifully mannered, friendly Rottweiler I've met.

The Colours of Paisley

Painted on Saunders Waterford 140lb rough paper, using Winsor & Newton paints.
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