Monday, 30 September 2013

Painting a Wedding Couple, copyrights and completing a demo by Mollie Jones

I met a lovely lady in one of my Creative Writing Courses - and we became firm friends. Recently her daughter got married, and I wanted to paint a memento of the day for them.

So, the first thing I had to do was to speak to the wedding photographer. He owns the copyright to his photographs of the day, like I own the copyright to my images. Before I could paint this memento, I needed his permission to use the photo as a reference.
I spoke to Adam of ARJ Photography and he kindly agreed to my request. He takes fabulous photos - his website is HERE

Having the permission, I set about painting the picture. I decided to paint it relatively small, so that the framed painting would be able to find a place on a wall in my friend's home. You know sometimes, when paintings are very large, it's hard to find a space on the wall. So this one is 8x11" only.

The Wedding Couple
 My friend and her husband received the painting this weekend, and I'm pleased to report that they were delighted with it.

The demo by Mollie Jones was posted in Painting Friends - a friendly online forum of people who love to paint.
It is of a set-up of perfume bottles and a glass vase. Mollie is so generous with her time and expertise, she's the one who made painting crystal a favourite of mine. She didn't even mind when I changed some of the colours!
Here's my version of her demonstration:

Mollie's Dressing Table

I hope you've enjoyed viewing this week's offerings. Wish you a happy painting week.

Monday, 23 September 2013

The painting doldrums - and how I regained the joy

I'm putting all of these paintings in the same post, because I wanted to show you all what I did when I lost the joy of painting. My mojo had disappeared somewhat over the summer. In my whole month off, I only painted three paintings - I could easily do that in a week before.
When I'd finished them, I did the  red flower, one painting for a friend, but after that, although the technique was there, the sheer joy I had in painting was lost. I was due to go to art class and wasn't at all inspired.

 I had a friend visit and asked why I didn't paint something randomly, to see what came out. My answer was that if I paint randomly, I get mud and a mess.
 But after she'd gone, I tried it, just wet the paper and doodled with paint. Slung paint at it and when it was done, decided it needed fish, don't ask me why - even I'm not always sure how my brain works! So I painted blue water around some fish shapes. Painting was suddenly fun again - even though it's not a masterpiece, I enjoyed it and it gave me the oomph to pick up my brushes, so I'm grateful to my friend and the painting!

When Fishes Flew

once this was done, I had some permanent rose left in the palette - and some of the gold paint in Fishes reminded me of Chinese letters, so I painted this:

Waiting to Shine 

very simple, one large sable brush, a few swishes and she's done. Sometimes simple is what you need!

Then Mollie Jones, bless her, of Painting Friends, had done a demo of crystal and berries - so I tackled that - and this is the result.
Thanks Mollie, for your time and generosity!

Waiting for Mollie

I'm really not expecting you to coo over the paintings (except maybe the crystal one) but I wanted to show you one way out of the painting doldrums, should you ever find yourself in them.
Until next time.... 

Monday, 16 September 2013

Memory Lane

All of this week, I've been working on a painting, which is going to be a present for a friend. I can't show it to you yet, because it would spoil the surprise - and because I haven't painted anything else, I thought we'd take a trip down Memory Lane.

So here are some of my crystal and glass paintings.
That's because I'm sure I've shown you the dog ones before - and I thought you might like to see something different!

I hope you've enjoyed this little trip down memory lane and I look forward to having something new to show you soon!

Monday, 9 September 2013

Summer splash

Up until yesterday afternoon we were still having beautiful sunshine, which all my flowers appreciated!

So what did I paint this week, but a flower!

Here it is, a vibrant Summer Splash

Monday, 2 September 2013

Summer paintings

Hello friends, it's nice to be back after the summer break.
I've only got three paintings to show you from my month off, because I was rather busy with getting my book of short stories out - and then working on my forthcoming novel- All in the Leaves - which should be available for sale at the end of October.

Here are the three paintings, newest first:


Saunders Waterford 140 Rough

She was a little outside of my comfort zone, but I'm happy with how she turned out. 


Saunders Waterford 140 Rough

Lifeboat was made using techniques I've come to love, pouring and spraying! 
Brushwork was centred around the lifeboat and a few wave shadows.


Life is.. a bowl of cherries, so I've heard :) 
This one is 11x8 and was the first of my holiday paintings. 

I hope you've enjoyed them all. 
Be round to visit your blogs soon.

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