Sunday, 29 May 2016

Spring painting, garden inspiration and some sketching.

To plant a garden is to have an endless source of inspiration, when you like to paint.
I have been busy creating both a front and a back garden here in my new Scottish home. I have not been so busy, that I haven't had time to paint.
Once the work is done and the plants are growing, I take some time to sketch and to paint. This way, not only do I work in my garden, but I take some time to enjoy it also. Physical work is good, as is feeding the soul. Gardens and painting do both for me.

The painting is from my front garden - and I call it "Spring"

and the sketches come from my back garden, which is still being created. You can follow that progress, if you'd like to see it, HERE

Sketch one is a metal trellis of leaf and birds and two was the beginning of a trollius (globeflower) . That will have to be finished another day, because the sun was so hot, the paint dried before I could complete my wet-in-wet washes!
Both will eventually become fully worked up paintings - these quick sketches are pleasurable to do and help me decide if I want to go further with them. 
Saunders Waterford paper was used throughout. I like my sketch paper to be the same as my painting paper - and Saunders suits me down to the ground!

Until the next time, happy painting, happy sketching, happy gardening!

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Kingswood Hotel, Burntisland, Fife

On a trip to Burntisland in Fife, I had the pleasure of having Sunday lunch with friends at the Kingswood Hotel. Staff and management were very kind and helpful.
I had arrived much earlier than my friends, so I took a coffee and biscuits into the garden, which was simply delightful. Within the garden was a little building, not in use, but surrounded by greenery, so enchanting that I had to make a little painting.

Meet Kingswood  and make up your own story of who lives behind that red door!

PS: Sunday lunch was delicious and highly recommended!

Friday, 6 May 2016

Paisley, the puppy.

Where I take my paintings to be framed - Elite Framing, Cupar - the owner has a new puppy - the most delightful little girl - Paisley.

I couldn't resist having a photo sent to me and a little paint up...


Hope you enjoyed seeing her, too! 

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