Sunday, 17 August 2014

A new look for my painting room

I decided to remodel my summerhouse, where I paint and write.

Out came the white emulsion paint - and the transformation began.

The theme is Beach...

I painted this little fellow as a fun addition... using Derwent Line Painters

 and a little puffin on a baby canvas

the easel & painting corner

the writing & drawing corner

the thinking & reading corner

and a little fun picture.... Paddy pretending to be a neck warmer! 

So now, I'm all ready for the painting season to start in earnest in September.
Look forward to seeing you again then.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Fun with Missy, one last time.

In my art folder, I had a drawing of Missy that I had wanted to paint for a little while.
Then she passed away and I couldn't bring myself to paint it.
After visiting the All About Art show in Islington, and falling in love with Derwent Line Painters, I decided to use them to paint Missy's drawing.

So off I went to the summerhouse and took the drawing with me.
My new little companion, Paddy, came too, but for some reason, he left me to it, coming back into the house.
So I had fun with Missy. Just me, her and the paint, in the summerhouse, one last time.
It did me good. The Line Painters are such fun; while I painted, I remembered the fun times the Chief and I had together.

Here we are then,

Fun with Missy

and little Paddy, here he is -

The summerhouse is getting a remodel - to go with this new chapter in our lives. When it's finished, I'll post some pics.
Hubby is almost back to his old self - and I hope to return to regular blogging in September.
For all those who've stuck with me on the blog - and kept us close in thought and prayer - Thank You.

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