Monday, 27 July 2015

Still Waiting

I couldn't wait to get stuck into my new DVDs and one of the books I bought at the All About Art event.
Watercolours Unleashed was the first book & Dvd combo that I devoured from cover to disk!

Then I had a little experiment, all of my own...

and this, Still Waiting ... is the result.

Painted on Bockingford High White, it's a quarter sheet in size, and it was created using watercolour, Winsor & Newton inks, FW acrylic ink and W&N Texture medium...

oh it was fun to do! I hope it's fun for you to view...

Saturday, 25 July 2015

It's all about art

Thursday, a good friend, Sara - and I, went to the Art event "It's All About Art"


We met at the train station, where my friend said I looked like a new woman, more relaxed and happier than ever. I'll let you in to a little secret... I had followed the Dr's advice re my husband - and sought legal advice. It has made all the difference  - and that's all I can say on that matter now.

So, onto the day... we had both checked out the list of events and we had our eyes on different areas, workshops and demonstrations we wished to watch.
We'd both set ourselves a limit as to how much we were prepared to spend. Having been previous years, we knew how easy it would be to get carried away!

We watched Sharon Hurst, Jeremy Ford, Geoff Kersey and Charles Evans paint; we wandered around The Artist of the Year Exhibition and The Sketchbook Challenge exhibition, we stopped at Trade Stands for Derwent, Pebeo and Sculpture Canvas & Blocks.

I bought quite a few instructional DVDs, which were on my shopping hit list, plus one book.

We laughed, we discussed the various paintings and techniques, we sat and had lunch, talking as friends do.
We travelled most of the way home together, only separating for the final leg of our journey. In that time we spoke about our upcoming art projects - and which of our goodies would be the first to be opened!

for me, it was the watercolours unleashed book - swiftly followed by the accompanying DVD... and I can't wait to get the two latest paintings finished and posted, so I can get on to experimentation.

It was a lovely day with a good friend, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! 

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