Monday, 17 August 2015

Face the Sun

The last few Sundays, I've set aside a little time to do some painting. Not enough time to complete a whole painting, but the last three together have meant I have one finished painting to show you.

Little by little this painting has come together - and it's been really interesting to paint it that way, rather than painting and finishing all in one go.

It struck me that it's almost like life. Build up the achievements, little by little, until you've reached your goal. Then, you set yourself another goal, and little by little, you'll reach that too.
Hopefully, your life will be just like this painting, that if you turn your face to the sun, the darkness will be behind you.

Face the Sun

 I hope you've enjoyed seeing this picture... by and by, there'll be more to come. Until then, enjoy whatever you're doing.
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