Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Always on Duty

Hello friends!
Hubby and I have had some time off and have been doing some work in the garden.
You can see what we've been up to HERE

As well as the garden project, I've done a little painting:

this is Always on Duty as it was on my drawing board (where I sometimes paint) in the Summerhouse.
The eagle eyed amongst you will notice I was trying out a different technique to my usual.

and here's how it looks close up:

Always on Duty

click the painting to see a larger version.

Now we're back to normal, with wet weather - I'm looking forward to catching up on all your blogs.


  1. It's a beauty, Pat! I wish I could see the different technique you were using, I'm curious. Here a rare sunny day today, the rain will be back tomorrow. :)

  2. Hi, Pat,
    The photos on the garden is so nice, particularly, the bird and Missy are cute. The painting looks great!
    Best wishes, Sadami

  3. It's always great to experiment Pat - something I should do more of myself! Cute dog by the way! And is that salt crystals I see underneath? :0)

  4. Hi Judy. Sorry, I should have said. Overlaid washes were what I used to create the painting. The underneath ones very loose and lots of white space, the top most ones the darker colours.

    thanks, Sadami. Paul worked hard on the garden, I helped a bit when I'd finished my walking and ankle exercises! That is keeping me very busy at the moment, but hopefully it will soon be back to 100%

    Thank you Sandra. Experimenting is fun to me. That's why I took the Creative Watercolour course all those years ago :) So I'd never be scared to play!
    No salt below, just an underwash of light paint and lots of water, applied in a circular fashion, so many whites were left.


  5. Really nice painting, Pat. You captured 'that' look in the eye that they have!

  6. you've captured his stance beautifully pat ...we have a border collie :) ..i like the simplicity of the dog's coat .

  7. Splendido Pat,il cane è dolcissimo,la tecnica ottima,sei molto,molto brava!!
    Un abbraccio e felice proseguo di settimana!

  8. a different technique from what you usually do but it looks like you've mastered it quite nicely. A very nice painting

  9. What a sweet painting of a doggie!

    We've been working in the garden too.

  10. You always capture the personality so well in your ‘fur paintings’! :)

  11. Ah, thank you Pat! There is a great circular movement in the painting, the wheel in the background and continued in the dog's coat. I love it!

  12. I like the painting, as well as the title. Those of us with faithful dogs of certain breeds know what it means that our dog is always on duty, watching over his family and his home. Very nicely portrayed!

  13. Hi Pat,
    What a beautiful painting.. You have such a skill with watercolor.. I love use them, but have not mastered as you have.
    I just read about Annies wax.. How very interesting. I also read your post about why you became a reflexoligist.. What a beautiful story.

    Thank you so much for visiting and leaving such kind words. Yes, he was a challenge.. I am happy you enjoyed him.

  14. Pat - this is a super painting. You certainly have a way with animals...your love for dogs certainly comes through in your art. I need to go check out your garden. Take care and have a great day.

  15. Very nicely done, Pat. I love your garden project, too. It was so nice to see Missy soaking up the sunshine. Please give her an extra treat for me:)


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