Sunday, 13 November 2011

A grand day out !

Yesterday I had a wonderful day, down at Earl's Court in London, for the Discover Dogs Show.

I had two friends in the Scruffts Crossbreed of the Year show.
They have heats all round the country and approx 1200 dogs entered overall.
My friends had one dog in the Prettiest Bitch category and one in the Golden Oldie category.

Roxy was in the Golden Oldie and she won that class !
She's a Pets as Therapy Dog also - and she's about 9 years old. What a girl!

Here she is, with her mum, Nicola :)

Gerri and her dog Tilly were in the Prettiest Bitch class, and Tilly came 2nd !
What a girl she is!

Tilly has such a gorgeous face ..

Well done to both girls.. they were complete superstars!

Talking of superstars,  those of you in England may recognise this little chappie "Harvey" from the TV advert, and the star of Midsomer Murders

and in the booth next to him was Ripley - the dog you've all been taking for a walk! Sadly just as I lined the camera up , they were called to go into a ring for showing, so no picture.

I also had the privilege of meeting Nicola's grandmother, who took a moment to tell me that the painting I did of Roxy  HERE made her cry when she saw it on the computer and then again in real life, once it was delivered. She said it was so much better than on the comp - and was SO Roxy, it took her breath away.  That was lovely for me to hear,  I'll treasure that always . 

Where was Missy in all this?  I wasn't allowed to take her, because she wasn't in a show, so she stayed at home, all nicely curled up, waiting for me to return.

and that look?.............. "Where's my treats, mummy?"

She knows me too well, here's her stash from my day out :)


  1. Lovely post today Pat. Great to read about your friends and their furbabies.
    Love and a hug for Missy.
    June xx

  2. Glad you enjoyed the post, June. Thank you xx

  3. Missy has The Best Mummy!!! She knows it, she looks so cute and cosy in this picture. This dog post enchanted my sunday, Pat.Roxy has a wise look, dont you think so? Old, but smart. Wish you a happy sunday, xx

  4. Thank you Anamaria, I try to be the best :)

    Roxy does have a wise look to her - she's very precious.

    Glad we enchanted your day - love and hugs xxoo

  5. I love to see all the doggies! You had a great day and Missy is a lucky girl with all those treats!

  6. thanks, Judy. I did have a great day and it pleases me to hear you enjoyed seeing all the dogs :) xx

  7. oh what a great post!! What a beautiful wee girl your Missy.
    My husband and I are so addicted to Midsomer Murders, but we live in Canada and only get to seethem on PBS channels and they are so far behind.
    We have bought the dvd's and love them.
    You had a wonderful day out didn't you and lots of goodies to bring home,

  8. I really enjoyed this post, Pat. Roxy and Tilly are truly lovely but Missy's eyes would melt anyone's heart!

  9. thanks Laurie. Harvey is in the newer Midsomers, once John Nettles leaves, Harvey comes in :) It was a wonderful day altogether! xx

  10. Glad you enjoyed the post, Michael - and strangely enough, I agree with you :) xx

  11. Pat, they ALL have such sweet faces [definitely including Missy]. Congradulations to Roxy and Tilly. ADn judging from her stash, I don't think Missy suffered from not going to the show!

  12. Thanks Kathryn. I never met a dog yet whose face I didn't like - these three are something special though :)
    oh no, the show would have bored Missy - she doesn't do waiting around very well. She used to get bored when it wasn't her turn at agility! Me bringing home the treats is just fab in her book! :) xx

  13. What a lovely day out. I think I would have trouble deciding on a winner - well, they are all winners really aren't they. I'll look out for the dog in Midsummer Murders....ann.

  14. Yes indeed, Ann. They are all winners!
    Every dog rescued - as many of them were - are winners 365 days of the year! xx

  15. Sounds like you and Missy had a fabulous day in London! And aren't they all so cute? :0D

  16. What a wonderful way to spend the day. Sounds like Missy has you trained well too

  17. What a lovely day Pat, and you certainly made up for your absence with all the goodies to Missy!

  18. I had a fab Day, Sandra. All the dogs were lovely, never met one yet I didn't like :) xx

    Ann, it was a lovely day - and I'm a sucker for buying things for my dog. I like her to be happy :) xx

    Thanks, Jane - it was lovely. Missy loved the goodies - but I think she liked best the fact I came home! xx

  19. That looks like fun. Dog shows must be like art shows, in a way. I wouldn't be able to figure out how they choose the winners. Your little dog looks very sweet, I think that's the winner right there!

  20. Katherine, I couldn't figure out how they choose either. How do you choose between golden oldie, handsomest dog, prettiest bitch and child's best friend? All I know if it was me, I'd be a sucker for any terrier :lol:

    and thanks for saying Missy's the winner - she always is, in my eyes :) xx

  21. Beautiful day with dogs! How is cutie Missy in this photo! Arianna

  22. Thanks, Arianna. It was a great day - and Missy is super cute :) xx

  23. Having owned a couple of dogs I decided I wouldn't have another, but posts like this cause me to reflect on the wisdom of that decision. Don't tell her so but Missy is a honey. ;-)

  24. She is a honey, John. :)

    Its always a hard choice whether or not to have another when you lose them. Sorry if I made you want to scratch that particular itch again. *hugs*

  25. What a fun time, and great that your friends did so well! Missy did pretty well too, didn't she? LOL

  26. I would have loved to go, just a little to far, did you see any WT's as Tess's breeder and George's breeder was there!I think with there WT's
    Thanks for your visit and comment, its back to a mad house here.
    Jan x

  27. Lovely photos Pat
    Shame Missy couldnt go but I am sure Roxy and Tilly enjoyed your attention
    They are lovely dogs and they did great (of course they are both winners)

  28. oh yes, Tonya. Missy always does well, I see to that :) xx

    George, mum saw WTs, and Staffs and Parsons! My mum's a terrier girl, but knew better than to bring another home :) MissyChief xx

    Pam, both Roxy and Tilly did really well - and so did some rescue doggies who got a surprise TTouch fuss from me :) xx


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