Sunday, 16 October 2011

Busy weekend!

Friday night I went with  fellow blogger Sharon to see an art demonstration.
We saw Heather Jolliffe paint a scene of deer in woodlands.
Missy wagged hopefully at Sharon and then came to me, but she wasn't allowed to go! 

I don't paint in acrylic, but  was hoping to learn something that I could carry over to watercolour.  The most likely thing that would migrate well was putting a ground on the paper. This translates to tinting a watercolour page (with texture too) before you start to paint proper.  I'm going to try that on a painting sometime soon.

No photos at the demo, but I was on the end of the row, so managed to not only jot down notes, but make a small sketch too. In pen, here it is :)

Yesterday and today, I've been playing Florence Nightingale to a poorly hubby.
Hope to get round to all your blogs and catch up soon!


  1. Tell Missy that Duke knows how she feels. He never gets to go to all the fun places either

  2. Well, even if you didn't see the demonstration very well, you probably got the ideas for a new painting anyway as far as I can see from your sketch! Looking forward to seeing the development.
    And best wishes for hubby :-)

  3. Hi Pat! I've been visiting your blog silently. You know what, I am always feeling too tired to write something!

    Hope your husband recovers soon! and me too xx

  4. I bet Missy was really pleased to see you return home. I like the way you sketched whilst you were watching the demo. Will you give acrylics a go?

  5. Missy is adorable, as usual! I hope your husband gets well quickly. I'm saying a little prayer for him and giving thanks that he has someone to take good care of him!

  6. Oh that Missy is a little beauty. I think my Corey is in love! He often sits on my lap at the computer and takes an interest in everything going on. xx

  7. I don't no what a hubby is or it is your husband, I wish him a speedy recovery.
    The drawing with inkt is beautiful and the two photo's of Missy are also nice to see. Especially the second photo is so much fun. He has so cute head.

  8. What a pity for Missy :( but you and Sharon spent a beautiful day! Arianna

  9. Poor Missy! And I hope all is well with Hubby asap :0)

  10. Poor Missy to be left out. Hope your hubby gets better soon. Men need a bit of extra care than women when they are sick. I am not sure why...

    Take care of yourself!


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