Saturday, 1 October 2011

Country Fayre

We went out to a local fayre today at a country park which had been seconded as an air field in WWII

The weather was very hot for England in October -  85F !

We stopped for an hour or so then came home to have a respite from the heat.
We didn't take Missy, it would have been far too hot for her when there was hardly any shade. It was really a touch too hot for me! 

I took some photos for you to enjoy.
If you would like to use any in this post for the basis of a painting, you may do so, freely :)


  1. I love going to these country fayres Pat, they seem to be good old fashioned fun days, but boy was it hot today! - no wonder you went home to recover!!

  2. It was a lovely fayre - just the heat.. and today, we have another baking hot one!
    I think I'll sit and paint :)

  3. Seems like a fun day Pat, thanks for sharing your photos.
    Have a nice Sunday. xx

  4. Fayre's usually are a lovely way to spend a couple of hours, they have entertainers, arts and crafts and cookery stalls. Sadly some didn't want to be photographed, so I couldn't show you everything !

    hope you have a great day today, Jane xx

  5. Hi,Pat,
    Nice photos that make me smile. Thank you for sharing them.

  6. Nice the carousel with cups :) it's a good way to spend the day! Arianna

  7. Sounds very fun. Stephen really loves airplanes. We took him to an air show last spring and ever since he stops whatever he is doing everytime one flies past.(which is often since we live near the airport.) I'll have to show him those photos of the airplanes.

    Hope it cools off for you!

  8. Sounds like a lovely time. What a perfect way to spend an afternoon.

    We, too, are having unseasonably warm weather for late September/early October. At least during the day...nights have been cold. However, I'm enjoying every minute of it, as I don't like temperatures below 60 degrees, and I know the change is coming...supposedly tomorrow. So, I will enjoy one final day of a sleeveless dress and sandals.


  9. I love country fayres, too. But 85 degrees ... wow, that's really warm. Glad you left Missy at home.


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