Sunday, 30 October 2011

Just another day.

The weather was fine for the end of October, so Missy had maybe her last game of the season :)

When we came in, I finished a quarter sheet painting, the last in the current loose style. This was from David Webb's book, Animal Painting Workbook. I wanted to compare what I'd learned from him against one of his own pictures. I only painted half the cat, not all that he did. I'm happy I have the technique, so this lovely cat will be the last "after" someone else's picture. If you'd like to buy David's book, or view his website, GO HERE

Lazy Sunday Afternoon ( after David Webb)

and finally, we curled up on the sofa in the evening and watched The King's Speech on dvd.  What a fabulous film. I know, we're behind the times, but I so prefer my own home to the cinema environment. Nobody can kick the back of my seat!

Wish you all a blessed Sunday. xx

PS: for those who walked Ripley, the total was over £80,000 when I last looked on Saturday! Thank you all xx


  1. What a lovely piece Pat, nice brush strokes and patterns and I love marmalade cats too! I'm with you on the home/cinema thing. We usually end up with the tallest man in the world in front, the noisiest eater to the side, and a back of the seat kicker or some one that sounds like they have contracted whooping cough behind :)

  2. Thanks Michael. I enjoyed David's book, but not sure I have the patience to keep walking away.

    Oh the cinema - you must have been to the same ones as me! Can everyone really be so badly behaved? Home is definitely better :)

  3. It is a lovely painting Pat! I had a look at David's book, amazing. But I know what you mean about the patience...
    A pat for Missy, and I'm glad so much money is raised!

  4. I see I am not the only one who has a kind of cinema allergy, apparently it is a worldwide phenomena, and all for the same reasons :-))
    Love this cat so totally abandoned in a moment of wellbeing!

  5. Love the marmalade cat Pat. You seem to have got that technique off
    right quick.
    I never go to the cinema now, haven't been for ages but I don't miss it! xx

  6. Its a gorgeous book Judy - and David a lovely man. I had cause to email him once and a generous, kind heart he has.
    Missy enjoyed the pat and I'm sure the target of £100,000 will be reached sometime in the next few days xx

  7. Jane, how said the allergy is worldwide. :( I guess we're all the same, the world over :)

    I like the cat too, but the patience to paint in this way - immense. I really think the crystal squirrel and the cowgirls are more my thing :)

  8. Thanks June, its the second time I've used the book and I can see how much better I am now, more confident in my brush strokes. But I'm not sure its a technique for me .

    The last time I went was Bridget Jones 2 and I met the seat kicker from hell. I offered to break his neck for him after half an hour of constant kicking :lol:

  9. Well it sounds to me like you had the perfect day. I prefer watching movies at home also. I can't remember the last time I went to a theater to watch one

  10. Pat, that Missy looks like one of the happiest dogs in the world! ... just smiling in all her photos.
    I'd like to see The King's Speech. The dentist with whom I work plays it in the operatories for the patients, but I am always too busy for anything other than a glimpse. I must say, it SOUNDS like a good movie.

  11. thanks, Ann - it was pretty much perfect :) xx

  12. Thanks, Kathryn, Missy is always smiling - she is the happiest dog I know :)
    It sounds - and plays - just as a good movie should :) xx

  13. What a lovely cat! They are amable when they sleep...Arianna!

  14. Dear Pat
    Thank you so much for your visit.. I am so happy you enjoyed my little mouse.
    Oh Missy is so sweet! Fun post.
    Blessings to you this beautiful Sunday.

  15. Missy si diverte,che bella!
    Complimenti per il dipinto del gatto!!

    Ciao,un abbraccio!

  16. thanks Arianna, they are very sweet when they sleep :) xx

  17. thanks Penny - Missy is a sweetie, for sure :) xx

  18. Thanks Francesco :)
    Enjoy your Sunday evening xx

  19. An adorable feline Pat! Lovely work. And I haven't been to the cinema for years; it's so much nicer watching films from the comfort of your own settee...

  20. Lovely cat painting, Pat! And I don't like it when they kick the back of my seat either..

  21. thanks, Sharon, glad you like her.
    own settee, ben & jerry's - bliss! xx

  22. Thanks, Dora :)

    I wonder if they go to seat kicking training school? :)

  23. I did walk Ripley--first dog
    i walked in a long time!

    I am glad Missy had pretty weather for her romp!

  24. Thanks Tonya - all the shelter dogs will give YOU a kiss on the nose!

    We've had some lovely days, considering its nearly November!


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