Monday, 24 October 2011

We're for Dogs

I never put adverts on my blog - but this one is an exception.

Because dogs are exceptional .

Pedigree Adoption Drive will donate money - real money - to help homeless dogs -  if you will take this virtual dog for a walk.

The dog walks across a page, you wait until it sits, scroll down and click "continue with your virtual walk"
It will do this across 4 websites and when you have completed it, Pedigree will donate £1 to help homeless dogs.

Doesn't take much time - and so far, there's just over £40,000 been donated.

My Missy is a rescue whose home would have benefitted.
I'm all for dogs.

This is easy and could mean so much. Please do it. Thank you.

If you have a blog, please consider sharing this.


  1. I've walked the dog, interesting websites by the way!

  2. thanks, Judy - you're a star! xx

  3. How cool. I took Riley for his walk :)

  4. Pat , I took the dog for a walk, quite enjoyed him :-)
    What a SHAME though!

  5. Hi Pat I did this on face book, never thought of putting on my blog will get it sorted hopefully for the Thurdays post
    Have a Good Week
    See Yea George xxx

  6. It was funny to walk the dog! You know I'm for dogs too. I'd like to put this on my blog, but I dont know how...anyway, it's already on my page in facebook. xx

  7. Thank you, Pat. I enjoyed my walk with Ripley. And strangely enough, I had a rescue dog named "Ripley" - she was a saint!

  8. Hi, Pat! This is a wonderful thing that Pedigree is doing. I took the dog for a walk. The sites are interesting. It's so sad that so many dogs (and other pets)are abandoned.

    Last weekend we were involved in a trap, neuter release project for feral cats here in Las Vegas. The man who is in charge of the project says there are over 300,000 cats running loose on the streets of our city.

  9. Thanks, Jane. You're so kind to help.xx
    it is a big shame this is necessary :(

  10. Hiya George!

    I'm not on FB, so when I looked at the "getting involved" I naturally gravitated to the blog banner.

    Look forward to seeing this on your blog Thurdsday :)

  11. Thanks, Anamaria, you're a star - and I know how much you are for dogs too! *hugs*

    You've shared it one place, which is fab - and I'm sure the dog will thank you for it xx

  12. Thank you Kathryn - so very kind.
    How spooky was that, you had a Ripley too? The one on the web walk is now adopted and works in films and tv. What a happy ending! xx

  13. Thank you Candy, for helping. You're a star too :) xx

    Sadly people don't care for their animals as much as they should - and that includes neutering. That's a massive amount of feral cats you have!

  14. Cute idea! I shared it on Facebook.


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